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A bunch of the best data engineers that wanted to do better. That's where this all started. Working for data engineering agency Data Minded we had the chance to experience the data journey of large companies in different industries. We saw one thing everyone was struggling with: getting value out of data. Not just insights, but real business value at an affordable price.

We believed that data workers, from data engineers to analytics engineers, should and can drive value from data way faster than they do today. And when we believe in something, we challenge ourselves to make it reality. So we did. We started Conveyor. The platform that lets you drive value from data fast.

With Conveyor you are able to set up a data platform in days, get access to the data in hours, develop your data products fast by using templates and have a seamless deployment pipeline. Conveyor is they platform that enables all your teams and data workers tobring value by building and delivering their data products.


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