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Conveyor is a managed data engineering platform for building and running secure and reliable data products.

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Can we do better?

In our opinion, one of the key dimensions for a better solution is high affinity with software engineering best-practices. Software engineering best-practices and automation leading to smooth deliveries are what make digital winners what they are today.

By using containers as the main medium to share softwares with the execution environments, software engineering best-practices and CICD are easier to put in place. So we created a k8s-based, multi-cloud, multi-cluster productivity tool build by developers for developers.

Features that make life easier

Project overview

Seamless CI/CD

Separated environments

Cloud IDE


Cost insights

Project-Based Access Management

How to use Conveyor as a data engineer? Let us show you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Conveyor takes care of the data infrastructure, making sure the data is in the right place and the lights stay on.

Stijn Christiaens

Co-founder & Chief Data Citizen, Collibra

Effortless data development

Experience how Conveyor allows you to speed up building data use-cases, and enables more data workers than ever before

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